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Packages and Pricing

Pick the type of flight ticket that best suits your needs. We have two different options to choose from!

Our Introductory balloon flights take place from a number of locations within one hour’s drive of Dublin, typically the Boyne Valley area. We can only fly outside Dublin’s Controlled Airspace.

We offer two types of flight experiences :-

  • Fly as an individual, a couple or group with  other passengers
  • Fly with just yourselves as a couple on your own, plus pilot.

These flights offer a much more personalised service than flying in a large group with many other passengers. This allows your pilot to spend time explaining the whole process in a more personalised setting.

Our Balloon Flight Tickets are valid for 2 years. Whilst we can fly all year round, subject to weather, the best time is generally Spring to Autumn, when the weather is generally kinder.

Once you have a Balloon Flight Ticket, you can use this to make a reservation with us.  You will receive confirmation by email, together with all the information that you need in order to take your flight.

Click on the Options below for further details and to book your flight ticket(s)

Introductory Flight – Shared flight with other passengers

Choose this option for a flight shared with other passengers. A great view assured. The flight ticket is valid for 2 years. All balloon flights are celebrated with a glass of champagne following the flight. This tradition dates back to the 18th century. 

Introductory Flight – Exclusive use for 2 persons

If you require an exclusive Champagne Introductory flight, this options means that it will just be the two of you, plus our pilot, in the basket. This flight ticket is valid for 2 years. These flights can only be carried out on Monday to Friday mornings.

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